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Our restaurant is located in Victoria, BC, Canada and specializes in Chinese Hotpot (Sichuan Style). Chinese Hotpot is a special experience where you sit around a simmering pot of soup at the centre of the table with various raw ingredients for quick cooking. You can choose whatever you like to the boiling soup and flavor the cooked food items with your own dipping sauce.


Our hotpot combines a variety of elements from Sichuan cuisines and selects fresh and quality ingredients to bring the authentic Sichuan style hotpot to you.  


Our hotpot uses seasonings and ingredients from the region of Sichuan and provides classic flavors of soup base, such as spicy, sour and hot. We also have different types of meat, seafood, and vegetables for you to pick and add to your hotpot. Our chefs, with years of hotpot-making experience, try to create the most authentic and delicious Sichuan Hotpot for every guest. 


Our dining environment is comfortable and enjoyable. You can enjoy the uniqueness of Sichuan culture while tasting your personalized food. Our team is friendly and welcoming to provide professional advice and assistance when you need and to ensure you have a pleasant and satisfying dining experience. 


As a Chinese Hotpot (Sichuan Style), we focus on the freshness and quality of the ingredients, as well as the authenticity and refinement of the taste. We are always committed to providing our guests with a first-class service and the best dining experience. And we hope our restaurant could be your choice when finding a restaurant to enjoy the authentic Chinese hotpot.


We are looking forward to your visit!   



LailaLaila Hotpot was co-founded by two founders who were born in Shanghai. They aimed at bringing authentic Chinese food to Canada and traveled in the region of Sichuan for half of a year to look for the fusion to combine the authenticity of the Chinese hotpot and the flavors that meet the preference in North America. After many attempts and constant adjustments, they finally created their own soup base recipes to bring classic Chinese hotpot in a unique flavor. 


To ensure the quality of the ingredients and food, founders purchase fresh ingredients from all over the world and maintain a number of experienced chefs for food processing. With continuous efforts and improvements, LailaLaila Hotpot established a good reputation around the area and has become one of the most popular Chinese hotpot restaurants in Victoria, BC. 


“LailaLaila” in Shanghainese is a welcoming way to express the host’s excitement to have guests here. It also represents the founders’ hospitality. They hope all the guests can enjoy the most authentic and delicious Chinese hotpot in the restaurant and bring cheerful memories home. Because of that, the founders always seek improvements to continuously provide guests with high-quality services and delicious food to make the restaurant become one of your favorite restaurants in Victoria, BC. 


1540 Cedar Hill Cross Rd, Victoria, BC,V8P 2P4



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